Take a look at our frequently asked questions below for everything you need to know before your child joins one of our classes.

Participating in class

  • Are siblings permitted in the centre?
    For security reasons, children can only wait in the centre if accompanied by an adult.
  • Can I take photos of my child in their class?
    The YMCA welcomes the capturing of your magic moments on camera or video, however privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras at this venue is conditional upon the following:

    • no photos or videos are to be taken from the gymnastics viewing area - please speak to your child’s coach to organise a photo or video with your child;
    • you must have all relevant individuals consent to use images;
    • it is illegal to broadcast or publish images without consent.

    Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas.
  • Do I have to participate in the class with my child?
    If your child is enrolled into our pre gym class you will be required to participate in the class. If your child is under five, we expect you to supervise your child, but you are not required to participate in class.
  • Do I have to watch my child in class?
    Children under four are required to have a parent in the class providing active assistance. Children aged five need to have a parent remain in the gymnastics viewing area.

    Children aged six to 10 need to be brought into the centre by their parent or guardian and visually handed over to coaches.

    Children over 10 can attend on their own but a parent needs to be contactable at all times.

    Handover at the end of class: our teachers must see a visual handover to the parent or guardian of the child at the end of class so please ensure you are present for this to ensure the safety of your child and the continuous smooth running of our program.
  • Do lessons occur on public holidays?
    There are no lessons held on public holidays. Student debits will be amended to reflect the missed class.
  • How will I know that my child is ready to move up?
    All students in our program are assessed by the teacher for improvement and readiness for upgrading to the next level.

    The teachers’ decision is final and they will discuss the outcome with the parent through the centres nominated communication platforms.
  • What do we need to bring?
     A drink bottle and comfortable clothing that allows for movement without being too loose. No clothes with hoods or zips, and ensure long hair is tied back.
  • What if my child becomes upset during their class?
    It is not unusual for young children to have difficulty adjusting to structured lessons and our teachers are equipped to support them. Most children will settle within a few weeks; we encourage parents to be close at hand in case your child requires additional support.
  • What if my child is unwell?
    If you or your child are unwell, stay home and get well. If you provide us with a medical certificate we will happily provide a credit for lessons missed due to sickness.

    Help us keep our facility clean and healthy by not attending if you or your child:

    • has an infection, contagious illness or physical ailment, such as an open cut or sore
    • has had diarrhoea or “gastro” symptoms
    • has a rash that is contagious or undiagnosed
    • there is any other risk, however small, to other members and guests.
    • If your child is in nappies, please ensure any soiled nappies are disposed of appropriately.
  • What is your make-up lessons policy?
    Absence from a class may qualify you for a make-up lesson. You must register your absence 2 hours before the class starts, via the online customer portal. Absences can be registered seven days in advance.

    Make-up lessons have an expiry of 90 days from the absent class. Make-up lessons cannot be cancelled or changed. You must not have exceeded the number of available make-up lessons per student (six annually).
  • What qualifications and checks do your teachers have?
    Our teachers hold nationally accredited current first aid and CPR qualifications, a working with children check, and are employed on the basis of a successful police check. All coaches have a Gymnastics Victoria coaching qualification and coach appropriately according to their qualifications.
  • Where can I store my belongings?
    We provide pigeon holes to store belongings but these are not security lockers. Please keep your membership card with you and do not bring valuables into the centre.

    Unfortunately, thefts do happen. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings while you are at the centre. We give lost property to charity each month, including unclaimed items from lockers.
  • Who can I talk to if I have any concerns about my child's lessons or progress?
    If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s class or progression please speak with the teacher in charge, who is available on request or via an appointment. Please remember, your child’s teacher will not be able to speak with you while lessons are running. You can also call and ask to speak with the program coordinator who, if not available at the time, will return your call.

Enrolment, payments, suspensions and cancellations

  • Can I suspend my gymnastics membership?
    Suspensions for the gymnastics program are only available for medical reasons with a medical certificate, which can be backdated up to one month.
  • How are outstanding debts paid?
    We will continue to debit your nominated account without notice, until we have received the total amount owed. We will make a reasonable effort to let you know prior to the next debit.

    If you find yourself in financial difficulties, please speak with a staff member as you may be eligible for the YMCA Open Doors program
  • How can I make a payment?
    Our gymnastics classes are paid for via direct debit.

    Direct debit payment is the easiest option and allows for an automatic direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card on a fortnightly basis. Payment provides access to your program and entitlements as per the terms and conditions for the next fortnight following the debit date.

    You can collect a gymnastics calendar at the front desk of Moonee Valley YMCA Gymnastics Club.

    We have a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant payment account record platform. This ensures your credit card details are secure and not accessible through our data.

    We will debit your membership fees from your nominated account as set out in your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

    Please note that:

    • debit dates are pre-set for all programs
    • if a debit date falls on a public holiday, we will debit your account on the next business day.

    Credit card debits are live transactions (i.e. they will be honoured or declined immediately once our file hits your bank), so it is recommended that the funds are available the night prior to the debit. Bank account debits may take up to five days to be cleared from your account.

    You must make sure:

    • your account can accept direct debits (your financial institution can confirm this
    • there is sufficient money in your account on the payment (debit) day (6.00am onwards)
    • you tell us if you are transferring or closing your account, at least three business days before your next direct debit.

    You must tell us about any changes to your credit card, such as its expiry date or number, at least three business days before your next direct debit.

    Please tell us if you want to change or stop your direct debits. Advising your bank alone does not change or cease your contract with us.

    If you query a payment the appropriate staff will investigate your concern and provide an answer within one to two business days.
  • How can I update my payment information?
    If during the course of your membership you need to update your payment account details, please present your credit card or bank account details in person at the centre, to be entered to our PCI DSS compliant payment account record platform. Do not send credit card information via post or email. You will not be able to provide details of an account in another person’s name.

    Please note: credit cards that have expired and reissued with the same card number still require the full card detail to be provided, as we cannot update the encrypted data with just an expiry date; the whole card number needs to be resubmitted.

    Please also ensure we always have your current contact details on record by updating these with us either via customer service or an email. Please ensure you receive confirmation that these details have been updated.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can ask to cancel your membership by completing the cancellation request form in centre and emailing or writing to us requesting cancellation.

    There will be a period of notice of 14 days unless otherwise specified by Moonee Valley YMCA Gymnastics Club between the date of request and the date of actual termination, during which any payments due must still be paid in full; this may be a pro rata or portion of the full fortnightly debit fee.

    Please retain a copy of your cancellation request; either the cancellation request form completed at the centre or the confirmation email.

    Please consider your enrolment as active until you have received confirmation of your request in writing.
  • How do I enrol my child?
    Once you have completed and signed the agreement (Direct Debit Request [DDR] Service Agreement) and we have accepted it, your child becomes a member. If these terms and conditions or your agreement differ from anything you are told at the centre or over the phone, these terms and your agreement will apply, unless written confirmation is received from a YMCA Victoria employee. The full terms and conditions can be viewed in the centre’s handbook.
  • How will I be notified of any changes to the centre?
    We will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any changes by either:

    • publishing them in our newsletter or on our website
    • placing a notice in the centre
    • phoning you or writing to the address (post or email) you last provided.

    If we suspend a centre’s operations or services, temporarily or permanently, we may send you a written notice offering you either a:

    • transfer to another centre, if available
    • complimentary suspension.
  • Is there a cooling-off period?
    You can cancel your agreement during your seven day cooling off period. You have seven days from the date you sign your initial agreement. 

    We will then cancel your agreement and refund payment for any class not attended. Athlete registration lodged with Gymnastics Victoria and payment for classes attended cannot be refunded.
  • What if my payment is late or declined?
    We will charge you a failed payment fee of $10.00 if your payment isn’t honoured by the bank and this is due to your error. This will be debited from your account with the next scheduled payment and you authorise us to do this as per your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.
  • When are payments required?
    On enrolling you will be asked to pay the class fees due from the start date of your enrolment until the first debit date. Payment is made in advance for the fortnight ahead.

    You will also be required to pay a Gymnastics Victoria annual membership fee.
  • Will you notify me if there is an increase in fees?
    We may at any time upon sending an email or written correspondence to your last known contact address and giving 30 days’ notice, increase the agreed amount or make changes to terms and conditions. If you have any queries in relation to any proposed changes please contact your YMCA centre.

    Where we have made a reasonable effort to let you know about a fee increase, you authorise us to increase any debits from your nominated account.

Getting in contact with the centre

Our centre staff are always happy to help. Ask at centre reception or contact us.

If you’d like to speak to the Program Coordinator, let our customer service team know. If no one is immediately available, the customer service team will ensure the relevant team member contacts you as soon as possible. Feedback forms are also available for completion in centre. We will be in contact with you shortly after that.