Inclusive gymnastics

Moonee Valley Gymnastics Club is determined to make gymnastics accessible for everyone. We are an inclusive club that welcomes everyone with a passion for gymnastics.

We offer accessible programs for children and adults of various intellectual and physical abilities who want to participate in gymnastics. We can even look to assist in a 1:1 accessible gymnastics programs.

Our gymnastics centre is equipped with safe and accessible-friendly equipment and facilities including balance beams, bars, rings, trampolines and a sprung floor.

Benefits of gymnastics

Children who participate in gymnastics will benefit from:

  • ability to jump, land and fall safely;
  • building self-esteem, preparing the body and mind for life’s challenges;
  • development of fundamental movement patterns;
  • enhanced flexibility;
  • increased aerobic and anaerobic endurance;
  • increased balance;
  • unique long-term bone forming and strengthening advantages. 

Program types

  • All Abilities

    The All Abilities program is delivered in a fun and safe environment, using a variety of specialised equipment that is focused on making participating less confronting, less demanding and safe. Participants will be stimulated through interactive gymnastics-based activities that are significant for both mental and physical growth, help improve participants gross motor skills, strength, fitness, balance and coordination.

    Along with developing physical attributes, participants will build and foster positive relationships and connections with one another, parents / carers and coaches. We seek to empower participants in a supported environment to build their confidence and help them recognise that there is no limit to their ability, which we believe is crucial for their all-round development.

    All our staff have completed Special Olympics Australia training, with a focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment. We can even connect you through to Melbourne West Special Olympics to participate in structured competitions.

    • Age groups:
      • 8-14 years
      • 15+ years
    • Prices
    • Class time: 5:00pm – 5:45pm Thursdays (45-minute class duration)

    Parents and/or carers are encouraged and may be required to be involved and take part in the program.

    Contact us today to get started or register for a free trial.

Free trial

All new participants are eligible for a free trial lesson.

Join us

Interested in joining an inclusive gymnastics program? Call us for more information.

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