Gymnastics is the perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in sport and helps to develop the fundamental movement skills for life.

Our state-of-the-art gymnastics facility is fully equipped with vaults, beams, uneven bars, parallel bars, an Olympic sized trampoline and more.

Children who participate in gymnastics will benefit from:

  • enhanced development of fundamental movement patterns
  • enhanced flexibility
  • ability to learn how to jump, land and fall safely
  • increase in balance
  • increase to both aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • unique long-term bone forming and strengthening advantages
  • building self-esteem, preparing the body and mind for life’s challenges.

Class times

The below program levels have various class times, including Monday - Thursday 4:00pm to 7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Program levels

Gym Basics

Gym Basics offers physical and social learning in a structured, safe and fun space. The program encourages independence while allowing your child to gain confidence in hand eye coordination, balance, flexibly, rolling and start to explore & learn the basic movement for gymnastics using all the apparatuses.

Ages: children aged five to six years
Duration: one hour


Gym 4 All

Gym 4 All is for the older ones that want to get started in gymnastics. This class teaches the foundations to gymnastic to develop life skills including; confidence, self esteem, discipline, body awareness, strength, flexibility and movement foundations from which the basis of all other sports are formed.

Ages: children aged eight years and above
Duration: one hour


Gym Fun

Gym Fun builds on the skills children have learnt in the Gym Basics program. Using all apparatuses to learn more challenging basic skills that lead into more complex skills in future levels.

Ages: children aged seven to 10 years
Duration: one hour


Gym Skills

Gym Skills starts to emphasize and lean towards the preparation for higher level gymnastics skills and introduces more complex gymnastics elements. In order to build and progress towards a much higher level of strength, flexibly and agility, an increase of session time will be required.

Gymnasts should be able to competently perform a range of skills including but not limiting:

  • Floor: Leaps, turns, basic tumbling skills and flexibility etc
  • Beam: Tuck on mounts, basic dismount technique, static skills etc
  • Bars: Travelling and turning on support position, swinging and showing good alignment etc
  • Vault and Rebound: understanding of refined shape in jumps and gaining height, dive rolls and handstand on mats etc

Ages: Gymnasts who have passed Gym Fun 2 or Gym 4 All
Duration: 1.5 hours


Gym Skills Advanced

Progressing from the Gym Skills program, Gym Skills Advanced classes provide opportunities for gymnasts to continue to develop more.

Ages: Ability based
Duration: two hours
Parents' involvement is not required.

GymStar Competitive Gymnastics

We cater for GymStar levels 2-7, gymnasts will be placed upon ability. GymStar provides a recreational and competitive gymnastics program suitable for boys and girls. The main objective for this class is to polish the foundational skills laid in the previous classes and to increase agility, flexibly and strength with emphasis on execution of skills rather than difficulty.

The gymnasts in this program will learn a routine for each apparatus and will have the option to compete in challenges/ meets (if they wish) throughout the year.

Ages: children aged five years and above. Ability based.
Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Free trial

All new participants are eligible for a free trial lesson


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Bookings and further information

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